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07 October 2014 @ 09:57 pm
Friending closed, since I don't do personal updates anymore and only lurk on lj comms. Just keeping the Tofuho up for old memories :O
14 December 2008 @ 10:05 am
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*2 minute banner for you 8D*
Happy Birthday to SHINee's wonderful FAIL leader XD Party for Tofu and Minho is tonight ;__; *weeps in corner* want to know if they got our presents and messages that we sent to them through the forums. The whole staff seem to be very quiet about how they actually GET the presents to them D: BAH I want to see my message in the booklet, I don't think it'd be hard for the designer or whatever to just upload the whole booklet for us to download that way she wouldn't have to photobucket them all out to us...I would so waste downloads just to see my page *O*

Well anyway, yeah I'm announcing my hiatus as of now. I'll be leaving in less than a week anyway. But yeah I haven't bothered to lj/do anything on the comm for the last several days so i thought I might as well start now. I just didn't want to miss Dubu's b'day ;D it'd be too unfair to him LOL If anyone actually needs to contact me just e-mail me or whatever, since I'll be checking that time to time~

SO "Sayonara See You Again Adios Bye Bye Chaccha!".I love quoting song names *O*  LOLOLOLI know... WTF

Anyway needs to go get my hair cut now ;__: I still don't know how I should style it SDFNKSNE~

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10 December 2008 @ 11:33 pm
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A FAIL banner for you 8D

So i was busy gaming and i gamed too long to bother going on lj 8D But don't worry I still thought of you guys (that is SHINee not lj friends XD though if your special I might have thought of you?*IN A NON CREEPY WAY!*)...just while I was also playing FF XD I dunno why girls don't play it, I only know a few who do D: The storyline's are like up to par with dramas for me LOLOL And they're most likely better than most drama stories if you consider that I'm like sulking/awwing over 2D/3D characters...oh and the fact that I've played the game like 83927498729357 times :D Actually yeah, I think the game is actually better than all, cause also..i won't get put off by fugly people? XD *THE SHALLOW KICKS IN*

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