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09 December 2008 @ 03:57 pm

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09 December 2008 @ 02:00 am
MY NAME IS MIN- OMG IT'S MINHO'S BIRTHDAY *O* ♥♥♥ Collapse )</div></div>
EDIT: So um does anyone know the word for 'When a person ridicules and idea by making it sound stupid and sillier than it really is?"...I heard it off a show, and like I really can't remember the word BUT OMG a word like that existed?? O__O
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05 December 2008 @ 11:08 pm
you are the mushroomsauce to my ryo-potatoes♥Collapse )
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05 December 2008 @ 07:54 pm
So today was the last day of work experience *sad sad* I made a booklet compiling the work I did during the week and helped Julie , my boss, Courtney's just the personal assistant XD but yeah I helped her with actual work for the design project for crown casino XD She was like, you seem to be quite proficient at photoshop there~ And asked me whether I could photoshop people into her designs so the clients could have an idea of the scale of the building~ So I asked her, um where do I get the people and she was like, oh you can just find random pictures off the internet in doesn't matter and use their silhouettes for the figures~

Me being the faggot I am got my usb and looked for all my SHINee pics 8D SO NOW, you shall see some minho silhouettes in Crown Casino's offical design plan LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL And they're actually going to use it too, cause I heard julie talking with the other project members and she said it looks good enough and the scale is just about right XD...I am such a pimp no? I fit in some wonder girls in there as well, I was going to put in some dbsk...but they're poses were all kind of weird HAHAHA I would totally laugh if someone one the design team was into kpopfandom and recognized the bodies BAHAHAH

Yeah yadda yadda yadda, I mad the booklet~ And I said my goodbyes. Julie gave me her card and told me to contact them if I ever have questions and said she hopes to see me again in the future if I decide to take up architecture ~(*O*)~ WHEEE! it made me *happy happy*

Okaythen I went home, slept on the train and buss like suual. Sleeping on the train was hard, cause i was on the priority seats for elders >8D...and I wanted to sleep on the handle next to me..but this guy had his ass on it for the whole trip ;__; even UNTIL DANDENONG D: And its kind of awkward trying to sleep on the chair heads beside me cause people are sitting there..believe me i tried..doesn't work....

OH and when I was on the bus, and when I woke up I saw my family friend and old tuition friend together...I think they didn't see me cause I was like *ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ* but when they got out, my family friend might of cause I saw her face, so she might ahve seen mine LOL. Though its so weird that they're they're actually going out, Even on their MSN names its all lovey dovey. Wonder how long it'll last though cause they're both the type who dae a lot of people. Well if it works out i guess I'm already automatically invited to the wedding HAHAHAHAH..I'm thinking way too far ahead again XD

Oh yeah, and when I got off the bus..These three randoms were waving to me. I couldn't see their faces but I swore I didn't know them cause I looked at one of the girls' faces and it was unrecognizable...AND I know it was directed to me, cause I was the only one who got off the bus + the guy yelled out "IS THAT SARAH?!" And yeah, the girl..who's face I saw...was waving hysterically to me. It seems like I must have been close to her at some point O__O...but like she was asian, and before mac.rob I didn't have asian girl...friends...I was living in the wog life up till then XD I told my mum, she said I must be a very bad friend D: But seriously...I DON'T KNOW THEM AND I AM SO PISSED I WILL PROBABLY NEVER KNOW WHO THEY WERE D:

SO RIRY, are you actually coming to my house O__O Christinee wants to come too, shes been asking em since mac.rob time~ But yeah, I feel like baking a cake for my husband 8D I WILL REsORT TO YOUR LAME WAYS, but thats only cause I feel bad since I cna't celebrate it properly. FLY ME TO KOREA BRO ;__; Apparently Onew and Minho are having a b'day bash with 1000 of their fans. you pay 10,000won for entry I'm guessing thats like about $10AUD? If memory serves me correctly...Well its 6-7USD according to Americans at SHINee forums XD It kind of sounds like it has potential to be a scam though XD Key's party was free, but then again Key only had 130fans...HAHA looks at the rise of fans the past few months XD BUT I WANT TO GO! And show minho the cake I will be baking for him ;D
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